Is your fishery facing challenges?

Our fisheries consultants focus on solution-generating science with application to real-world problems in fisheries management. We can catalyze your pathway to sustainability through fisheries research, ecological analysis, applied capacity building,  data limited methods, and structured decision support.

Do you have the necessary scientific insights to manage your fishery?

Through structured decision support, we uncover insights that can help you to make the right decisions for fisheries management. We couple our analyses with bespoke materials for science communication to engage with technical and non-technical audiences alike. 

Consultant services

Solution-generating science

Got data? Our fishery consultants specialize in conducting statistical analysis of ecological data & fishery data, population dynamics modeling, research, data limited methods, stock assessment, and fishery improvement projects. 

Few data? No problem! We design fishery monitoring and sampling plans based on statistical principles. We are also well versed in data limited stock assessment.

We specialize in decision-support science for sustainable fisheries management. This can include simulation modeling, harvest strategy design, and management strategy evaluation (MSE), depending on your needs! Let us know your questions, and we’ll find a solution for you.

Applied capacity building

We provide training solutions that are customized to address your specific capacity building needs. We deliver a custom curriculum virtually or in person to help your team refine their skills. We commonly link solution-generating science with capacity building, delivering both defensible science and improved technical skills for your team.

Engagement & communication

Thoughtful engagement with clients and communities is central to what we do. After any analysis, we are sure to include resources to communicate what we’ve done to whomever your stakeholders may be. We provide professional communication materials such as videos, presentations, workshops, and interactive R shiny data applications.

Innovation for unique fisheries

Our Clients

Our clients vary from artisanal fisheries to industrial fisheries, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, management councils, industry organizations, and academic institutes. We work collaboratively and are motivated by opportunities to contribute to multidisciplinary teams.