Why Nature Analytics?

We help our clients to find their own unique pathways to seafood sustainability.

Our goal is to support our clients in uncovering decision-making insights for fishery management. We specialize in analysis of ecological & fisheries data, stock assessment, resource monitoring design, and methodologies for fishery decision-support.  We help a wide range of clients through custom tailored analysis and development of user-friendly analytics dashboards for data exploration and visualization. 

We are quantitative fishery scientists who work collaboratively and are motivated by opportunities to contribute to multidisciplinary teams. Our clients are community leaders, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, management councils, industry organizations, and academic institutes.



Analysis and decision-support

Our consulting services are focused on statistical analysis of ecological data, fishery stock assessment, and decision-support methodologies for fishery management. We specialize in population dynamics simulation modeling, harvest strategy design, and management strategy evaluation (MSE).

Client engagement

We couple thoughtful client engagement with custom tailored analysis to help our clients achieve their own unique visions for fishery management.

Dashboard solutions

Visualize and explore data

We build visually appealing and analytically rigorous custom dashboards for:
  • Data exploration & visualization
  • Periodic analysis & reporting
  • Audience engagement & communication

Empowering our clients

Our dashboards empower organizations to rapidly gain technical capacity, produce transparent and repeatable analyses & reports, and achieve effective communication with diverse audiences.