Find your own unique pathway to fishery sustainability

Is your fishery facing nuanced challenges that call for thoughtful solutions? Our fishery consultants can catalyze your pathway to sustainability through ecological data analysis, numerical modeling, resource monitoring design, and stock assessment to address your most pressing concerns.

Decision-making guidance, tailored to your needs

Do you have the necessary scientific insights needed to manage your fishery? Through structured decision-support science, we uncover decision-making insights that can help you to make the right decisions for your fishery. We couple scientific analysis with bespoke materials for science communication to engage with technical and non-technical audiences alike. 


Fisheries data analysis

Got data? Our fishery consultants specialize in analysis of ecological data, fishery stock assessment, and decision-support for fishery management. This can include simulation modeling, harvest strategy design, and management strategy evaluation (MSE), depending on your needs! Let us know your questions, and we’ll find a solution for you. 

Data limited support

No data? No problem! We can help to design data collection strategies or sampling plans for communities starting from scratch. We are also well versed in analysis for data limited fisheries, meaning you don’t have to wait for years of data collection to start making progress towards a more sustainable future. 

Science communication

Thoughtful engagement with clients and communities is central to what we do. After any sort of analysis we are sure to include the necessary resources to communicate what we’ve done to whomever your stakeholders may be. We provide professional communication materials such as videos, presentations, workshops and reports to capture and communicate results.

Interactive data applications

Beyond analyzing your data for you, we can also help you to do it yourself! Our interactive data applications can help you:

  • Independently explore and visualize data
  • Create periodic analysis or reports
  • Take audience engagement to the next level

This can make complex analysis easily accessible to you, and your stakeholders. These tools can take you from a headache to a decision, efficiently and effectively.

Innovation for unique fisheries

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