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Who are we?

We are a team of fisheries professionals passionate about data-driven science and innovative approaches to scientific communication. We support a sustainable future for fish and fishers by custom tailoring our service options to the challenges facing your unique fishery. 

Our clients are community leaders, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, management councils, industry organizations, and academic institutes. We work collaboratively and are motivated by opportunities to contribute to multidisciplinary teams. 

Bill Harford, Ph.D.
Senior Fisheries Scientist | President

Bill Harford is a fishery scientist and the founder of Nature Analytics. Bill has 15 years of experience in fishery decision-support. Prior to founding Nature Analytics, Bill worked with the University of Miami to develop solutions for fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean region, coastal California, and Hawaii. Bill has extensive experience in the application of data-limited stock assessment methods and in conducting management strategy evaluation (MSE). He is actively involved in providing scientific support for small-scale and community-led fisheries, including population dynamics numerical modeling and development of web applications for audience engagement. Based in Toronto, Canada, Bill is an avid golfer, freshwater fisher, and enjoys cooking. Coincidently, he has a well fed dog.

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Peyton Moore
Fisheries Ecologist | Project Discovery Lead

Peyton is a problem solver, passionate about managing our oceans by balancing the needs of communities and the environment. Peyton received a BS. in Marine Science from the University of South Carolina where she became enthralled with the complexity of fisheries management during field work in the Galapagos. To dive deeper into this field, she headed to pursue a Masters Degree in Coastal Marine Resources Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). At UCSB she honed in on international management of small-scale fisheries, working with communities in Brazil, Tahiti, and Hawai’i to create management recommendations that allowed for communities and ecosystems to thrive.  It was here that she first began developing online decision support tools using R-Shiny with Nature Analytics. Now as a Fisheries Ecologist and Project Discovery Lead for Nature Analytics, she is continuing to develop innovative tools for fisheries management in addition to media production, stakeholder engagement, and fieldwork. Currently based in Santa Barbara, CA, Peyton spends her weekends diving in kelp forests, cooking with friends, and making ocean inspired art. Learn more about Peyton’s background and experiences here.

Kevin Reid
Senior Fisheries Scientist

Kevin Reid

Kevin Reid is a fishery ecologist with 30 years of experience working with and on behalf of small-scale commercial fisheries. Prior to joining Nature Analytics, Kevin worked with the Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association for 17 of those years, first as a stock assessment biologist and later as research scientist to develop solutions for sustainable fisheries management in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Kevin completed a doctorate focused on the assessment and management of risk in social-ecological coupled fisheries systems at the University of Guelph in 2015. He has extensive experience in DFO Fisheries Act Authorizations, and the application of causal modelling, participatory stock assessment methods, Fisheries Improvement Projects, Marine Stewardship Council Certifications, and structured decision making processes. He also is currently involved in providing scientific support for small-scale and community-led fisheries, including population dynamics numerical modeling and simulations to evaluate alternative management actions. Based in Guelph, Canada, Kevin is an active dog walker, gardener, and enjoys documentaries. He has two well fed dogs.


We combine fisheries science and thoughtful communication, so our clients can have their fish and eat it too.

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Theory of Change

Our shared values

We believe that a sustainable future is possible.  We also believe that a sustainable future includes equitable solutions for fishers, coastal communities, indigenous peoples, and historically disenfranchised groups. That is why, we strive to foster trust with our clients and encourage reciprocal sharing of knowledge. We express our utmost gratitude for the current and historical stewards of the lands and waters where we live and work and we pledge to honor their knowledge and views. We strive to align our actions with our values and approach new challenges with perseverance, creativity, and innovation.

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