Coastal Fisheries Toolkit

On behalf of The Nature Conservancy, we’ve built and launched a Coastal Fisheries Toolkit. This toolkit addresses common challenges in small scale fisheries management by functionalizing tried and true principles of fisheries management. The toolkit allows users to input information about their fishery context, in order to evaluate the tradeoffs in real time. Complex fisheries concepts are all distilled so that users can engage with material that was previously only accessible to fisheries scientists. The toolkit addresses:

  • Species life histories
  • Minimum size limits
  • Bag limits
  • Length-based stock assessment
  • Facilitator resources
The toolkit arose initially as the result of a community engagement in Hawai’i, where the community’s desire to be more intimately involved in the management process prompted our team to adapt. Rather that simply deliver a report and presentation with static options for the community decide upon, our team decided to use the power of R Shiny to bring the community into the analysis process. Since then, the success of these tools attracted interest all over the world. Now we are continuing to perfect this global version of the tool, allowing for users anywhere to revolutionize the way they are developing management measures. 
 This app demonstrates some of the more advanced capabilities of Shiny Apps that Nature Analytics can provide such as persistent data storage for users, linking the app with online data sources such as Fish Base and iNaturalist, and the combination of multiple functionalities into one cohesive user interface.

Launching the Toolkit

In addition to creating the toolkit, we also spearheaded the toolkit launch alongside The Nature Conservancy. This involved user testing, consulting on branding and strategy, and the creation of communication materials to accompany the toolkit. We produced promotional videos, created educational presentations (example below), designed infographics (example to the right), and built the Toolkit website.

by Peyton

These communication materials demonstrate the ways in which Nature Analytics can go above and beyond simply providing scientific support or analysis. We believe that thoughtful communication of science is essential to responsible engagements. We are also committed to the creation of more open source tools like these, to support managers, fishers and facilitators striving to create positive changes for communities and the oceans. 

by Peyton


WJ Harford, PA Moore, E Ristig